DWill Visits Jimmy Fallon

Updated: October 27, 2012

Deron Williams stopped by The Jimmy Fallon Show last night to promote the Brooklyn Nets and his video game NBA Baller Beats.  

The show started with Ethan Hawke, a New Yorker, being asked by Fallon if he will continue to be a Knicks fan or if he will change into a Nets fan.  Hawke told Fallon that his son is already converted to the Nets and he will use this entire season as an “audition” for the Nets to grab his loyalty.

Williams was part of a charity event which Fallon was a part of prior in the week so the two knew each other well and it showed.

Fallon brought on Williams and the two chatted about the Brooklyn “phenomenon” and how much attention the Nets and the city have received.  Williams added that he was “excited” about the season and it would be a lot of fun.

William’s talked about his presence on the Sports Illustrated cover and how special it is as he always read the magazine as a kid and to be on the cover was an honor.

The NBA Baller Beats video game that William’s is associated with was given to every member of the audience.

Deron Williams B&W

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