Deron Williams Sprains Ankle In Utah Workouts

Updated: September 18, 2013

Brooklyn Nets’ Deron Williams has a sprained ankle and a bone bruise which occurred during a workout in Utah as per the Daily News.

Williams is in a walking boot right now but is expected to be ready for camp although this does sour the start of what could be a magical season for he and the Nets organization.

He should be ready for training camp that starts on Oct. 1 at Duke University.

Williams was hampered by ankle injuries all last season which made him look like a shell of himself for the entire first half of the season.

He was able to get PRP injections along with multiple cortisone shots to allow him to play more like himself in the second half.

Lets all hope that this is not the beginning of another injury plagued year for the former All-Star and just a speed bump.


D-Will in walking boot

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