"Deron Stays in Brooklyn" My 5 Reasons

Updated: June 30, 2012

Below are the 5 Main Reasons I think Deron Williams will pick Brooklyn and stay with the Nets organization this week. I have tried to watch this situation closely since Deron came to the Nets and I have been steadfast in my opinion that he resigns with Brooklyn and starts a new legacy in NYC basketball.

1. The Man Himself – Deron is a “different dude” and is not like the new age NBA players that have no idea what they are doing during their careers let alone when the lights go down. Building relationships and bonds while playing is essential for longevity in the NBA circles. He is a strong family man and is not going to uproot his family again for second time in two years to go home to Dallas and be inundated with family and friends ALL THE TIME. He has built a new life for he and his family in NYC and the opportunities are boundless. Deron is his own man and doesn’t sway to public opinion.

2. Relationship with Nets organization – Deron has a great relationship with GM Billy King as well as Avery Johnson whom he has stated he loves to play for. This started immediately as Avery looked to tailor the offense and implement some of the Jazz plays to help Deron to be successful when he first arrived. This relationship has been growing ever since as Deron would sit down with King and Johnson during the season and go over options and how they all envision the team. Deron had “input” into the acquisitions if only to give his opinion but that is a huge plus for the Nets in this chase to resign him. I don’t know of another single player in the NBA that has more input or a better relationship with their GM and organization straight to the top. King jokes about Deron being his assistant GM in training (keep that last thought in mind). Deron will be able to work hand in hand with management to build a champion.

3. The BENJAMINS – By Deron already being a member of the Nets, it gives the Nets the “homecourt advantage” as they can offer Williams one additional year and higher incremental raises each year to make a 5 year/$100 contract and the other teams can only offer him a 4 year/$74 contract. This is a factor to any human being on earth as money is what drives competitors and everyday Joe’s. This may well be his last max contract and if he signs and produces on the court he can build for his basketball afterlife.

4. Commercial appeal/endorsements/brand – Deron has already signed more endorsement deals in his short time in NYC then he ever had in Utah. He is a current spokesman for Nike – Bonobos Clothing – Metro PCS – Red Bull at this moment. Once the Nets play and move to Brooklyn that number will skyrocket as he will be the “face of the franchise” and will be turning down more offers than he can ever imagine.

5. Legacy/Life after ball – Deron can start the Era of Brooklyn Basketball as the leader and franchise player. Who would not want to be in that position to start a new generation in the NBA and in of all
places NYC? Deron may not seek the spotlight but certainly has the mental capacity to handle the pressure and go with the flow. He is a straight up professional. He will be able to work with Nets management for the next 5 years to help build a contender with a ton of cap space and an owner who has deep deep pockets and make his own Legacy and go for the ring(s). The journey will most surely take him into the basketball afterlife smoothly and right into a front office position
and/or coaching position whenever he decides. These should be and I think are definite contributors to his upcoming decision.

All in all …..Deron Williams will be a Brooklyn Net for the next 5 years.

Dallas cannot be a serious contender in this situation as anyone with a minimal basketball IQ knows that they salary cap scenario that Dallas currently has is not in any way conducive to bringing Deron in and having enough money left to add to he and an “aging” 34 year old Dirk Nowitzki. The team would not be able to put together a good enough supporting cast to make Deron think about setting up shop in good old Dallas for the next 5 years.

I think Deron will be the gracious professional that he is and sit down and listen to what Mark Cuban and the Mavericks have to offer but in the end the best fit for Deron Williams always comes back to BROOKLYN.

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