D-Will Content To Let Teammates Talk

Updated: September 17, 2013

Deron Williams is not one to trash talk or get into anyone’s face on the court or off the court as his personality is one of a quiet leader.

When Williams was asked recently about his teammates war of words with the New York Knicks this offseason he backed his teammates but did not add fuel to the fire.

He knows his Brooklyn Nets have a small window with the current roster so taking advantage of the upcoming season is paramount and all the “Nets Taking over New York” banter is secondary.

[quote_simple]ESPN New York

“That’s my teammate so I’m with him,” D-Will told Begley. “Of course we want to run New York. The Knicks are our rival. I don’t get into too much of the talking……

We’ll decide all that on the court. We have four games to play against them and then the playoffs, so I’ll let Paul do the talking and I’ll just go out there and play.”

“Our time is now,” he said. “We have a short window to try to win.”[/quote_simple]

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