Buck Williams returning to the Nets is just plain SMART

Updated: May 25, 2014

News has come out from Fred Kerber of the NY Post that New Jersey Nets legend Buck Williams may be returning to the team in a “multi-pronged position.”

Williams’ played eight seasons with the Nets and is teams all-time leader in games played (635), points (10440), rebounds (7576), free throws made (2476) and turnovers (1811) and he is also second in blocked shots (696).

He was one the league’s best rebounders and a very capable scorer which helped him garner three All-Star appearances while playing in New Jersey for the Nets.

Any position that the Nets can carve out for the legend will be long overdue and much needed for many fans who have followed this team through the struggles in New Jersey over the years.  Buck Williams Fleer card

“We’ve talked about it but it’s certainly not a done deal,” said one member of the team’s hierarchy. “We’d love to have him and could use him in a million ways. There’s no real job description as such but Buck could be [utilized] in player development, with sponsorships, with community relations.

“It is something that has been discussed and we’ll likely talk about it again,” the team employee said.

The past two season the Nets have shoved the word “Brooklyn” down Nets fans throats to a point where most longtime Nets fans wonder if they are trying to forget their previous history in New Jersey all together.

Many Nets fans have clamored for the team to actually have a jersey that showcases the teams name and not just the teams new city so this idea of bringing back a legend of the team from its time in New Jersey could be a good start to helping old-school fans feel wanted again.

This is one positive step to bringing back some NETS history and not pushing it aside for the sake of BROOKLYN.

New jersey Nets 35 years pic

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