Brooklyn Nets Quotes As Duke Camp Ends

Updated: October 5, 2013

The Brooklyn Nets finished their training camp at Duke today and seem very confident and ready to start the upcoming preseason schedule.

[quote_simple]Paul Pierce: “I really think we took a step forward towards improving as a team.  He continued “I thought we were a focused group today,” Pierce said. “Regardless of who is in the gym, we got to get our work done. Nobody is posing for pictures or looking into the camera.”

Jason Kidd: “We’re together. And not just on the court – everyone’s been getting together for dinner at night. “Being a player, I’ve always said this is the hardest [practice],” Kidd said. “You are sore, a little mentally tired. Guys did a great job.  “Being a championship team, you have to fight through those times of being tired. Guys were helping each other so guys were supporting each other. I agree with Paul, I thought our guys, as a whole, got better.”

Shaun Livingston:  “It went well,” he said. “I think we got better. I think we got better. I think guys are competing, guys are pushing each other and that’s what we are going to need, because we can’t wait to the season to turn it on. We’ve got to start now in the preseason. So every day really, just turning it on and being a championship team.”

Deron Williams: “Guys worked hard, man,” he said. “Guys listened, worked hard. It was a good training camp overall. I think we put in a lot of stuff, played a lot of attention to detail, especially defensively, and we had some good scrimmages.”

Joe Johnson speaking about AK47:  “I’ve played against him all these years and he’s a guy who can really do everything.”

Andrei Kirilenko: “I can play a significant role and that’s what I’m looking for. I don’t want to just be a sit-in guy. I want to be a contributor to the team and I think there’s a perfect opportunity for me here.”

Mirza Teletovic: “(The NBA) is a lot more games in a short, short period,” said Teletovic. “It’s a lot more running around at a faster pace. It’s aggressive, there’s more one on one, you are more responsible. You have to help everybody out. It’s a different way of playing.”

Mason Plumlee: “We’ll see how camp goes, and I’m just gonna be ready to play whatever Coach needs me to do. Big thing I think is just bringing energy, because a lot of guys have been doing this for a lot of years, and you just want to bring a breath of fresh air and keep guys on their feet.”[/quote_simple]



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