Brooklyn Nets bench HAS to come up big and NOW

Updated: November 18, 2013



The Brooklyn Nets look like an infirmary right now with all of their injuries piling up at the same time.

Having to play without eighty-percent of your starting lineup brings me back to the days of the New Jersey Nets at Prudential center in 2010 when I used to keep track of all the player games missed in that horrendous season of 12-70.

This year at least Brooklyn has a quality bench and depth that most teams don’t have that can pick up the slack.

That was never more present then Saturday night when they faced the high-flying  Los Angeles Clippers in their building and almost ran out of there with a W.

If Andray Blatche, Alan Anderson, Tyshawn Taylor, veteran Jason Terry and rookie Mason Plumlee can reproduce and sustain their previous games effort this early season injury barrage  may end up being a blessing for the Nets after all.


“That’s what we put this team together for,” Alan Anderson said. “We have a really nice starting five, but no team can be good without a bench. So that’s what we mainly talked about. We knew that we had a chance to win. Probably nobody else gave us a chance to win, but we knew we had a chance. Even though we didn’t win, it was encouraging to see we were still in the game for pretty much 46 minutes.Tysahwn Taylor dunk on Clippers

“We are going to have to rest Paul, KG, D-Will, Brook, Joe [Johnson] sometimes also. So we’ve got to be ready on any given night and pull out some of these wins.”

“I think it’s something that’s going to be a big role on this team this year,” Plumlee said. “Guys are going to sit out. We’re going to rest guys and we can’t just take ‘L’s every time . . . We have to win games. It’s no secret we have an old team and we need to rest guys. We have to come up with wins and we are capable of that. It’s not like they are asking us to do something we can’t do.”[/quote_box]

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