Bogdanovic Doesn't Look Like He Will Be a Brooklyn Net

Updated: July 10, 2013

News came out yesterday, via NetsDaily,  that the alleged signing of euro Bojan Bogdanovic will not happen, at least this year for Brooklyn and maybe not happen at all.

Billy King and the Nets brass were unable to complete a buyout with the Turkish team, Fenerbahce of Istanbul, that Bogdanovic plays for and have decided to move on without him. The information prior was that a buyout would be close to $2 million for the forward although that number has changed numerous times.

This is not good news for Nets fans who had hoped the sweet shooting forward would be able to contribute this year and backup Paul Pierce.

Jason Kidd commented about the Bogdanovic news during summer league action.  “It is [disappointing],” Jason Kidd said after the Nets lost in their third summer league game in Orlando. “One, you think you had a deal done, and he’s coming over, but Billy and Dmitry [Razumov] and the guys in management will figure out what’s the plan and which direction we’re going in, but you thought he was coming over.

Alan Anderson as a RaptorKing is now wondering who he can sign to the mini mid-level now to make the bench stronger now that Bogdanovic wont be around.

“There’s one [player worth the full exception], possibly,” King said, “and then there’s some other guys that maybe we’ll split it up and give it to a couple guys to fill the role.”

One player, Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted out yesterday, who could be an option is Alan Anderson who played for the Toronto Raptors last year.

Anderson is known to be a pretty good shooter and played well for the Raptors last year prior to the acquisition of Rudy Gay.

One player the Nets would love to acquire is Andrei Kirilenko although sources say that idea is a longshot being that he opted out of a deal that would pay him $10 million this year from Minnesota.

The Nets only have the mini mid-level left and would only be able to offer Kirilenko a little more than $10 for three years with the money they have left under the salary cap.

The wheels will continue to churn in the Nets front office as they try to figure out who to add to that last roster spot as wing player.

Andrie Kirilenko with hands up as Timberwolve

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