Bogdanovic Buyout Rumors In The News

Updated: May 28, 2013

SNY Nets is reporting that a rumor that hit yesterday where Bojan Bogdanovic’s buyout number has changed is untrue and nothing has changed.

There are other reports from that Bogdanovic’s Agent Marc Cornstein further denies that anything has changed with his client’s buyout numbers.

This information would be very big for the Nets if it were true but it looks as if the rumor is false at this moment.


[quote_simple]Josh Newman – SNY Nets

“Not true at all,” the source said. “I have no idea where people get this from.”

With that, nothing has really changed. reported on May 9, per a source, that there was a ’90-95 percent chance’ the 6-foot-8, 24-year-old Croatian-born swingman is in a Nets uniform next season. At that time, the source pegged Bogdanovic’s buyout at ‘roughly $1 million.’ which was lower than the $2 million Bogdanovic himself told was his buyout back in February.

On Monday, a source reiterated the May 9 SNYNets report, calling the buyout, ‘Between 1-1.5 (million). Manageable.’

bogdanovic assets pic

Even with Bogdanovic’s appearance in a Nets uniform seeming all but certain, his buyout being lowered to $570,000 would have been massive for the team and General Manager Billy King.

NBA teams are allowed to contribute up to $570,000 towards a buyout. The Nets would have paid Bogdanovic’s entire buyout, which would have theoretically allowed him to sign for less than the entire mini mid-level exception of approximately $3.2 million.

Even still, the reasonable buyout price being what it is, a multi-year deal is expected to get done and Bogdanovic is expected to slide into the rotation immediately upon arrival.[/quote_simple]

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