Billy King: Mason Plumlee May Spend Time In D-League

Updated: October 5, 2013

The Brooklyn Nets first round draft pick from this year is Mason Plumlee, a 23, a 6-foot-10 forward, who is super athletic and has a motor that never stops.

How will the lone rookie on the Nets find time on the star studded team that is in Brooklyn this year?

He played extremely well and opened some eyes in the summer league although it will be tough to crack this rotation.

General manager Billy King told a few reporters his thoughts on Plumlee and how he may spend some time in the D-League with the Springfield Armor.


“I think Mason has done a good job being a rookie and not getting in the way of the veterans and listening to them,” King told “For him to have Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, Brook Lopez, those guys can show him the right way to be a pro. It’s going to help him for his long-term career. It’s a great upside and the foundation for him will continue. This year, he’ll have a chance. we’re deep. But I think he’ll play a lot of time in the D=League. If the opportunity arises, I’m sure he’ll play for us as well.”[/quote_simple]

[quote_simple] NYTimes

“I’ve got to get here and lift and work out before everyone else gets on the court or else I won’t get my reps,” he said. “But I’ll be good. I’ll be O.K.”

“In practice, I’m not on the floor half the time,” Plumlee said. “But when my number’s called, and it will be called, I can’t say, ‘Well, I didn’t practice.’ There’s no excuse.”

“All my friends at, like, Goldman or J. P., they’re doing the same thing, getting to work early, leaving late,” Plumlee said, referring to Goldman Sachs Group and JPMorgan Chase & Company. “We’ll get together on a weekend, and it’s like. …” Plumlee slumps his shoulders, exhales and laughs, wordlessly finishing the thought.[/quote_simple]

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