Billy King Keeping His Cards Hidden

Updated: February 19, 2013

Definition – GM Speak

Billy King told the Nets beat writers today that he has it at around 10% that he will make a trade prior to the deadline.  King said last week that he wont make a trade for the sake of making a trade and that if it helped the team he would look into it.

Should we believe the GM that somehow grabbed Deron Williams out of nowhere two years ago after he failed to land Carmelo Anthony?

I tell everyone the same thing this time of year. Every GM in the NBA is a “good liar” and that is their job to do so.  Take everything they say as a complete lie and be happy when they do something.  The best GM’s are the ones that can keep their trades out of the Twitterworld and under the radar.

I have faith that King will do something to upgrade the PF position prior to Thursday’s deadline and if he doesn’t then expect the same inconsistent Brooklyn Nets team we have seen through the first half  of the season.


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