Andrei Kirilenko puts Jason Kidd on BLAST after departure from Brooklyn

Updated: July 21, 2014

No Brooklyn Nets fan could possibly dispute the words that forward Andrei Kirilenko spoke to a Russian tabloid this past weekend about the departure of his head coach Jason Kidd to Milwaukee.

It has been well documented throughout the year that Kidd seemed to be in over his head and the win streak starting in January covered up a ton of his coaching flaws but to hear a player who was in the trenches tell this type of story is eye opening.

Its actually quite refreshing to hear a professional athlete speak the truth in an interview rather than give us all the cliche’s that come daily.

Read his comments and feel better Nets fans that Kidd will wallow away in Milwaukee while the Nets will flourish in Brooklyn.

Translation of interview via NetsDaily:

“The pressure is huge,” Kirilenko said. “And Kidd couldn’t handle it … or maybe he didn’t want to.”

“Basically he was not able to do much of anything, if you look at the big picture – we have to admit that fact,” says Kirilenko, throwing his arms open. “There were objective reasons. Our starting center, Brook Lopez, injured himself early and was out for the whole season. There were health problems with other players. But the serious goals set before the club were not cancelled. We were serious about fighting for the title.”

“When Kidd became head of the team, no one really knew what to expect,” he added. “Of course he had colossal experience as a player but no coaching experience. Or reputation. At the beginning it was difficult. What else could it be when you’re losing more games than you’re winning? Things were a bit easier for me as I was injured at the time and couldn’t be on the court and do anything about it, no matter how much I wanted to. So, inside, I was calm.”

“We intend to seriously compete for the title,” said Kirilenko at point in the interview, later adding that “everyone is waiting for a championship victory from Brooklyn.



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