Andray Blatche Playing Alongside Brook Lopez?

Updated: October 25, 2013

[box]It seems Jason Kidd is already thinking outside of the box with his new toys which is making Nets fans forget Avery Johnson/PJ Carlesimo camp ISO.

The NY DailyNews is reporting that Kidd is looking to use Andray Blatche at the power forward position at times and wants to utilize the big mans scoring ability and shooting touch alongside Brook Lopez.

I was lost last night like most Nets fans watching Blatche throw up six 3-pointers in the 101-97 loss to the Celtics in Boston. I was screaming at the television telling him to get down low like I do to big men when I play pickup twice a week.
“His skill set is that he can score the ball. He’s trying to get us to see that he can stretch the defense,” Kidd said. “The theory behind that is that if you want to take those shots, you have to practice them. So we have to get him a little bit more shots in practice.

“That’s an added weapon when you have a guy that’s 7-feet that can stretch the defense like that. That’s something as a coaching staff we have to look at that.”[/quote_box]

It makes me look at last in a different light now that this information came out that this was planned and not Blatche going Rucker Park with all the nets starters on the bench.
“I think we try to look at a lot of different combinations. With Dray and Brook, two 7-footers, two talented guys who can play on the perimeter and also post up. We kind of like that combination. But again, it’s just not the offensive end. We have to make sure the defensive end that those two can play together on the defensive end.

“You got a lot of different ways you can go. …There’s a lot of different scenarios. But right now, we’re looking at Blatche and Brook.”[/quote_box]

This is something that most Nets fans, including myself have wanted to see since last season so it looks like we are all going to get our wish.

Let’s hope Blatche can stay under control and tap into that amazing ability for a seven footer. Only the Nets can benefit if it works.[/box]

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