50 Things about the Brooklyn Nets

Updated: September 14, 2012

The L Magazine came out with a nice article about the popularity of the “New” Brooklyn Nets and I thought I would list the Top 10 reasons  here for your pleasure.  The rest of the  article can be found here and it is well worth the look.

NO. 1 The “hello Brooklyn” shirt Nets merch is full of references to Brooklyn hip-hop. A “Hello Brooklyn” shirt pays tribute to the Beastie Boys, along with a “Sure Shot” sign. There’s a shout out to Biggie’s “Juicy” and several items with references to Jay-Z lyrics (obviously).

NO. 2 Reggie Evans’S nickname is “Joker.” 
NO. 3 He Also idolized Michael Jordan as a kid (join the club).

NO. 4 Kris Humphries held the United States record for both 50m and 100m freestyle in boys 10 & under for the 1995-1996 season. FACT: Michael Phelps didn’t. (He did beat Kris in the 100m freestyle once, though.) Humphries stopped swimming at age 12 to pursue a career in basketball and a celebrity marriage.

NO.5 Kris Humphries = The Most Disliked Player. According to a study published on
Forbes.com, in 2011 Kris Humphries was “the most disliked player in Basketball,” proving that you can’t break a Kardashian’s heart without consequences.

NO. 6 Tornike Shengelia and Tyshawn Taylor, the lowest paid players on the team, will each make $473,604 in the 2012-2013 season. Joe Johnson will make $19,752,654.

NO. 7 While an Atlanta Hawk, Joe Johnson (#7) hosted a yearly holiday event for the Boys & Girls Club. He called it “JJ’s Santa-Lanta for Kids.”

NO. 8 According to ads put up by the Nets, Brook Lopez (#11) is “Batman’s biggest fan,” and Gerald Wallace (#45) is an offseason fisherman.

NO. 9 Not all Brooklyn Nets marry Kardashians. Forward Sheldon Williams (#33) is married to WNBA star (and Olympian!) Candace Parker, who was also the first woman ever to win a slam dunk contest.

NO. 10 Williams was also a member of the National Honors Society.


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