Where Does The Nets Head Coaching Job Rank?

Updated: May 9, 2013

There will be more than a few head coaching jobs up for grabs in the NBA this offseason and one of those jobs belongs to the Brooklyn Nets.  The others are currently the Philadelphia Sixers, Detroit Pistons and the Milwaukee Bucks.

There are sure to be a few more openings shortly as teams continue to look at themselves in the mirror.  The Atlanta Hawks, LA Clippers, Toronto Raptors, Phoenix Suns, Minnesota Timberwolves and Sacramento Kings all have questionable coaching situations at the moment and word can come down any day on any of these coaches.

Chris Broussard took a look at all the viable coaching opportunities currently open and coming open and with a little help rank the scenarios on which is the best opportunity to succeed and best chance for a new coach to win right away.

Of course the Nets are on the top of  the list.


Chris Broussard ESPN INSIDER

And not all the jobs are bad. There are some real opportunities for a solid coach to have success next season. This prompted me to ask one of the league’s top assistant coaches — who should be in line for a head-coaching job over the next few years — to rank the current job openings along with the potential openings from best to worst. This should give you some insight as to how people within the league, including guys who could be interviewing with these teams, view the openings and potential openings.

1. Brooklyn Nets

“The Nets have a lot of stuff you want. The owner [Mikhail Prokhorov] has money and he’s willing to spend, so you’re not worried about shallow pockets. That’s huge. The market you’re in is huge. You’ll always be able to attract free agents because of the market you’re in.Nets Ball Logo

“This team is already positioned to be good. They got talent — guys that can play. The next guy that comes in can really have success. All they need is time. When LeBron James and those guys put their team together in Miami, they didn’t win it their first year. It takes time. Very rarely does it happen as quickly as it did in Boston [in 2008]. Billy King does a great job, and he’s committed to winning. He does a nice job of having his hands on the players, but at the same time, he gets out of way of the coach and lets him coach. Plus, they’ve got great facilities. And they’re in the East!”[/quote_simple]

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