What will the Brooklyn Nets do on draft night 2014?

Updated: June 25, 2014

What will Billy King do tonight to make the Brooklyn Nets better than last seasons team?

No one knows right now if King can find a way to buy his way into the draft but as the night goes on it should be easier to get a pick in the second round with about $2 million to buy a pick as well as the rights to highly coveted Bojan Bogdanovic.

King has been a gambler as a GM in the NBA and coming off of last summers blockbuster trade for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled the trigger on another deal tonight other than acquiring a 2nd round draft pick.

“Some people want to get rid of their picks. So I think it’s [that] everybody has something they want in the draft,” King said. “The people putting a high price tag on picks, where they may want a future pick, instead of cash at this point, maybe that’s the economics with changing ownership, but I think the draft is good. I think you can find the player you want in the draft” via ESPN New York.

“I’d like [to trade into it], just because I think you can get a good player,” King said Wednesday. “I don’t know if we will. … I doubt we’ll get into the first round. There’s a chance we can get a second-round pick, but we’re going to be patient. So I’d say the odds on the first [round are] not good, second round possible” via NY Post.

The way things stand right now the Nets are already committed to nine total players at about $89 million.  Those players are Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez, Kevin Garnett, Mirza Teletovic, Mason Plumlee Marcus Thornton and Marquis Teague.

Their own free agents that the Nets could resign are Paul Pierce (likely), Andray Blatche (unlikely) and Shaun Livingston (unlikely) so decisions have to be made in the very near future.

There have been rumors that a Jarret Jack for Thornton deal is in the mix but things have calmed down on that front this week.  Jack would be a great addition to the Nets backcourt as he could be a guy who runs the team if the Nets lose Livingston to a higher offer elsewhere.  Jack is a tremendous competitor and King knows he needs to find a backup point guard solution before going into next season for sure.

The trades of Omer Asik to New Orleans and Tyson Chandler to Dallas yesterday lend everyone to believe that tonight could be one frantic night so hopefully King can once again make some magic happen and strengthen the Nets even further.

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