VIDEO: Dinosaur Paul Pierce tells the "TRUTH" after he hits a huge jumpshot

Updated: April 19, 2014



The Toronto Sun ran a backpage today telling the world that Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were “dinosaurs” and their younger Toronto Raptors would take care of business against the elderly Brooklyn Nets. 

Not so fast people up North ……..

Pierce and Garnett were both very quiet through the first three quarters and then when the game was on the line both hit big shots and led the Nets to an opening game victory 94-87 in that place up North.

Pierce had a measly six points going into the fourth quarter but that didn’t deter the 15 year veteran from doing what he has done over and over and that is hit big shots down the stretch.  With three minutes left in the game and the Nets clinging to a 82-78 lead Pierce hit a huge 3-pointer, followed by a driving layup and two more fadeaway jumpshots to seal the game.

Pierce took great pleasure in silencing the crowd and told them exactly why he was brought to Brooklyn.

Watch and enjoy.


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