Travel with Andray Blatche the “Hero” to the Philippines for the weekend

Updated: June 9, 2014

The Brooklyn Nets 6’11” backup center Andray Blatche arrived in the Philippines this past weekend to finalize the process of becoming naturalized as a dual citizen of the Philippines.  The President. Nino Acquino, still has to sign off on the bill to finish the process and Blatche will meet with members of Congress on Monday to hopefully have it finalized.

Most Nets fans already know that Blatche is a character and loves to keep things light with his teammates and the media so following his Instagram account this weekend helped everyone see how his weekend in the Philippines went.

“Blatching” is a term that Nets fans use to describe Blatche’s penchant to go “off the rails” on the court from time to time with a barrage of behind the back passes and point guard moves that either work and are absolutely amazing or they don’t work and every pundit gets to say he is undisciplined and doesn’t know his role.

I personally think it is one of the best things to see because it keeps you on the edge of your seat thinking about whether it will happen and you can almost tell when it is going to happen so you squint or almost close one eye to see how it turns out.

The big question with Blatche playing for the Philippine team, playing in their first FIBA World Cup in almost 40 years, is will he be “blatching” on the worlds stage from the moment the ball goes up until the buzzer sounds or will he tone it down and play team ball and actually lead the small Philippine team?

“I am very excited to play for the Philippines, and I thank everyone for making this once-in-a-lifetime chance happen,” Blatche said, according to Agence France-Presse. “I am Filipino now, so I will do my best to help my team.  What I’ve learned so far is that people here love basketball,” Blatche said. “That means a lot. I would love to be part of a culture like that.”

Lets follow Andray through his weekend via Instagram and Twitter.

June 5th

June 8th

Front Page of the newspaper with Coach Chot Reyes

June 9th
Riding in a helicopter

Its kind of a big deal in the Philippines

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