Has Billy King had enough of Deron Williams in Brooklyn?

Updated: May 16, 2014

Sources today tell a story of a relationship gone sour between the “franchise” point guard Deron Williams and Brooklyn Nets management.

Brian Geltzeiler of HoopsCritic.com reports:

“Sources have told Hoopscritic.com that this falling out between Williams and Nets management, specifically Nets GM Billy King, has resulted in a mutual decision between the two parties to split. Williams, and his wife, essentially want out of Brooklyn and King is more than happy to accommodate them.”

“There has been a lot of money spent to put an accomplished group around Williams and his failings as a centerpiece are playing an enormous role in what appears to be a major falling out between Deron and Nets management. “

The Brooklyn Game refutes earlier trade report:

A high-level Brooklyn Nets official told The Brooklyn Game that a report that Deron Williams wanted out of Brooklyn “came out of left field” and that Williams has not requested a trade, but acknowledged that Williams has struggled with the burden of expectation since joining the Nets.

“He’s frustrated,” the source told The Brooklyn Game. “He’s not happy with himself. He’s not up to his standards in the three years since we got him.”

Has the relationship between the ultra moody $98 million dollar point guard and the organization that mortgaged everything to get him really that bad that Billy King will look to dump the chronically injured star?

One relationship that seems to be unrepairable is the one that Williams has with Nets fans all over.  Fans are tired of the poor body language and prima-donna attitude that Williams has taken since he arrived in New Jersey and started making demands.

D-Will or “D-Wont” as some call him doesn’t seem to have that intestinal fortitude or competitive spirit that most, if not all, franchise players in the NBA have.  The horrific playoff performance the past two seasons seem to be something that is more par for the course rather than a hiccup.Deron Williams down in pain after ankle injury in Charlotte

In the Heat series, Williams went 1-for-11 from the field with four points and five assists in the fourth quarters and overall against Miami he averaged a lowly 11.2 points and 6.2 assists on 36.7 percent shooting (22-for-60) per ESPN.

Nets fans have had enough of this experiment and the injuries that go along with him.

Just by reading what the Twitter-Sphere has to say tells me that Mr. Williams will not have to look for a ride to the airport if King decides to ship him out to Houston or anywhere else in the league for a bag of basketballs.

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