RUMORS: Nets to Host All-Star Game in 2017?

Updated: August 23, 2013

The rumors have been flying for quite some time now that New York City will co-host the 2015 All-Star Game and both the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks will host the star-studded weekend.

It has been rumored that one team will host the All-Star Game in 2015 and the other will host the All-Star festivities like the Friday and Saturday night events such as the skills competition, 3-point shooting contest and the dunk competition.

The game and events would be reversed in 2017 or 2018 with the Nets hosting the game, if they decide they want it, and the Knicks hosting the other events.

The latest news is coming from the NY POST’s own Fred Kerber and the information is consistent with the rumors that have been making the rounds.

An all NYC All-Star weekend would be a great event for both organizations and certainly would continue the buzz that centers around the NBA in New York.

[quote_simple] NY POST

Multiple league sources maintain that the 2015 All-Star Game will be played at Madison Square Garden on Sunday of All-Star weekend with the Friday and Saturday night events – the skills, shooting and dunk competitions – set for Barclays Center.Brook Lopez All-Star pic

“It’s a possibility,” one league source confirmed of the 2017 or ’18 event plan but cautioned that “nothing has been finalized. They (Nets) aren’t certain (they want it).”

Recently, NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver told The Post, “There is a process in that the (Knicks and Nets) are working together…On a business level, the teams get along very well…the nature of the sport is that the teams are highly competitive and you want them to be but they both recognize that they’re partners in the league and this is something that is positive for both teams.”[/quote_simple]

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