PHOTO: D-Will In Walking Boot at Dodgeball Tournament

Updated: September 19, 2013

Deron Williams hosted a celebrity charity dodgeball tournament called Dodge Barrage 2013 at NYC’s Basketball City to raise money for autism today

Williams was photographed wearing his walking boot that he will be in for a week or so leading up to training camp.

Netdaily reported: “The ankles good,” Williams said, “I sprained it about two and a half weeks ago in Utah, but I’ve been working out on it. I just have a little pain in there and Timmy (trainer Tim Walsh) made me get an MRI and there is a little inflimation in there.” Williams continued to say, “(The boot) is there to protect me from myself.”



Started by Deron Williams, Point of Hope creates opportunities to help raise funds that can directly impact the lives of children in need.

The foundation has supported cancer research, children with autism, different scholarship funds, single mother organizations, Boys & Girls Club, and a number of different children organizations through grants and donations.


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