#Nets not "Losers" anymore

Updated: September 17, 2012

A great article came out today by DIME MAGAZINE and it states what all of us Nets fans have been saying all summer – The NETS are no longer a “bunch of losers” in the NBA world . This team is built to win and win now and the leaders of this team will be primed and ready to punch the “Same old Nets” stereotype right where it hurts!


“For some fanbases, “wait ’till next year” is less a woe-is-me quip late in a dreadful season and more like the only reason to believe in hope before some seasons even start. After the NBA Draft, workouts and Summer League, the time preceding training camp is a time to believe in best-case scenarios. But which of those can come true this year?

Of course, not every team can have their best-case scenario. So today we’re highlighting the two expected to actually turn heads this year after finishing last season far out of the running. One of them even drafted in the lottery last June. We’re not promising worst-to-first, mind you — but we are believing these two, one each from the East and West, can make the playoffs in the first full season since the lockout.

The question of which lowly team will make the postseason is a little clearer in the Eastern Conference than it is in the West. Indeed, given the existing talent disparity in the East, along with so few teams making significant upgrades during the offseason (some, namely Orlando, appear to have regressed), the smart money is on the literally new-look Brooklyn Nets to jump into the playoffs this year.”

I love the way this article ended with the statement below:

“It’s hard to imagine a playoff scenario that doesn’t include the Brooklyn Nets.”

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