Brooklyn Nets Media Day – Photos and Quotes

Updated: September 30, 2013

Brooklyn Nets Media Day took place at Barclays Center today as expectations are running rampant through the building.

The starters spoke to the media at 12:00pm via live stream on and all of them had the same mindset.

Championship aspirations….

[quote_simple]Deron Williams – D-Will was very upbeat and joked with the media right away.

“Personally, I just want to get back playing the way I’m capable of playing.”

On Andrei Kirilenko: “He’s a guy that can fill up the stat sheet, on both ends of the floor.”Deron Williams Nets media day 2013

“KG, Paul & Jason are three guys who have won championships. Just seeing their mentality, that’ll be good for this group.”[/quote_simple]


[quote_simple]Joe Johnson – new haircut for Joe but same mild-mannered way and even smiled a few times.

He mentioned the plantar fasciatis is gone and he made sure to keep his weight down to help with that.

Joe Johnson Nets Media Day 2013Reaction when Kidd was hired:

“I was surprised. I didn’t see that coming. This whole summer was pretty much shocking.”

On being asked about being a contender for the championship and his new team:

“It a great feeling to come into the season knowing that you have the  pieces to the puzzle to win it. If we stay healthy and everyone is on the right page it is possible.  I think this is the best basketball team i have ever been a part of and we haven’t even played yet.”

“There is a target on our back so we pretty much know what to expect and we are all on the same page.”

“We definitely have the pieces to put us over the top, that’s what we’re looking forward to.”[/quote_simple]


[quote_simple]Brook Lopez – came in with his usual joking and goofy way with the media.

On what he will take from Kevin Garnett:

“I’m excited to play with KG, I’m excited to be around him and soak up everything like a sponge and be around him.”Lopez at podium at Nets media day (kinda like Spongebob)

“I really think that our guys will be checking each other. Our mindset is that we’re of one mind for one goal.”-

On the Knicks rivalry:

“The rivalry has been great for New York… It’s been really amazing to me and it’s exciting.”

What nickname would he select for the front of his jersey:

He  is wearing Brooklyn on the back of jersey. “So it’ll be on both sides.”[/quote_simple]


[quote_simple]Kevin Garnett – very cool and focused on task at hand.  Looks ready to roll right now.

Opened the session with:

“We’re here to get another ring….the only reason we came to Brooklyn” as he laughed with the media and continued “It’s good to be here in Kevin Garnett Death Stare in nets JerseyBrooklyn.”

“New York: Its different when you live here than when you visit.”

“I think our own goals and our own expectations are going to exceed everyone else’s.”

On the bench effect:

“Andrei Kirilenko was a huge signing.”[/quote_simple]


[quote_simple]Paul Pierce: very focused with headband on and gave thanks to Nets organization for helping his transition to Brooklyn.

Paul Pierce Nets media day at podiumPierce says he’s been wearing Nets stuff for three weeks now, so the “weirdness” of not having Boston stuff on anymore has all but worn off.


“Our goal is to win a championship here. … We have the pieces in this locker room to get it done.”

Pierce doesn’t care about division titles:

“I don’t want to even see a banner if we win the Atlantic Division. I want a championship the expectations have grown.”

“I came here to win a championship. I don’t even want to see a banner if we win the division.

On the New York rivalry with the Knicks:

“What makes the rivalry a little more competitive is both teams are contenders. … Good for the NBA, good for the city.”[/quote_simple]


H/T @brooklynnets for photos of today’s event.

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