Nets Injury Update: Game #19 New York Knicks (DWill-AK47-Terry-Pierce OUT)

Updated: December 5, 2013



There will be no major changes to the Brooklyn Nets injury report today so that means that no one got injured in practice and cant play. Weird right?

The Deron Williams situation is starting to irk me right about now and I cant put my finger on exactly why.

[quote_box]Is it the fact that he did not play in the preseason at all with seven new faces on the team to be acclimated to?

Is it that he has played a total of 18 whole minutes for the Nets in the last three weeks totaling 10 games and had zero effect?

Maybe it is the fact that even when he was on the court for those precious few games he was still in preseason mode and not playing welll?[/quote_box]


All of this make me wonder if this $98 million dollar man is ever going to play like a franchise player is supposed to play and lead his team through this rough stretch?


When Jason Kidd was asked yesterday for a timetable on Williams he said, “there is no plan for Deron.”

AWESOME Coach thanks for the info.

[quote_box]Jason Terry

“I’ve definitely been getting stronger. Very optimistic that the process is coming along. I’ll be re-evaluated Monday. Hopefully I can get back out there with my teammates. Don’t know exactly what date, but hopefully sooner than later” via ESPN NY.

Andrei Kirilenko

“I feel awful,” Kirilenko told The Post about not being able to help his teammates on the court. “But what can I do?”

“It’s just rehabbing his back,” coach Jason Kidd said Tuesday morning. “Again, we’re trying to bring guys back when they are 100 percent, not when they feel good or they’re in and out. That happened with [Kirilenko] once before, so we’re going to make sure he’s 100 percent.”[/quote_box]



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