Mirza Teletovic Pokes Fun At Lebron James

Updated: January 12, 2014



The Brooklyn Nets defeated the Miami Heat 104-95 on Friday night in double overtime and it wasn’t without a little bit of drama.

In the fourth quarter and the Nets leading 80-75 when Lebron James grabbed a rebound and tried his best to bull rush his way to the basket for another one of his football plays on the basketball court but this time someone didn’t allow it.

James was called for an offensive foul on the way to the basket around the mid court line but he kept going full speed and the only thing between him and the basket was Mirza Teletovic.

Teletovic did what every coach tells its player to do is not allow the layup and make the player shoot two free throws so he did his best to wrap about James and stop the shot.

Well that theory that the rest of the world abides by doesn’t apply to the ever-whiny and double standard James as no one in the NBA is allowed to foul him EVER.

James immediately went after Teletovic until his teammates restrained him.  Teletovic sat on the baseline and smiled at James as he got all upset.

The funny part of of this scenario is what Teletovic posted on Twitter later that night mocking James with an “lol” and a winking emoticon.

Teletovic spoke after the game about the incident and was quoted:

[quote_box]“It was just a foul,” Teletovic said. “I just tried to make a foul, and he was coming down the court. He shouldn’t be reacting like that. It’s just basketball.” [/quote_box]

To make the situation ever better Teletovic changed his Twitter background to the picture as well and it remains that way now.

Nicely done Mirza as we all know James is nothing like his self proclaimed KING nickname.




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