Teletovic Agent: "absolutely certain that he can be one of the top NBA players."

Updated: December 3, 2013



Mirza Teletovic is finally getting a real chance in the past week and is making the most of his playing time.

So what happens……. his “European agent” comes out and makes some trade statement unknown to Teletovic? Come on man.

We all know that Teletovic has not been happy since he arrived in Brooklyn with the promise of playing time, being Avery Johnson’s doghouse and success not happening right away, but the past four games he is  averaging 20 minutes per game and playing well.

He has posted career highs in back-to-back games and with the injuries continuing to pile up for Brooklyn his minutes will continue to grow.

Read the quote from ESPN and see what you think.

[quote_box]”Now the situation is better. He will get a chance, but, generally, our idea is to try to find luck somewhere else. We will try in a quiet and civilized way to agree with the club and to come to a trade in the next month or two where he will get more playing time”, Miodrag Ra~natovi told TV1, according to the Sarajevo Times.

“I am absolutely certain that he can be one of the top NBA players because he has a shot that other top players do not have. It is up to us to be able to find the right place, where he will have a leadership position as he had in the national team and in Kaha Laboral.” [/quote_box]


I have said from Day One that Teletovic would make it in the NBA and be a huge asset to a team with his shooting. of course, but also with his versatility and competitiveness.  The guy wants to show the world why he has played international ball for 11 seasons and that he can play among the greatest athletes in the NBA.

The fire is what I love about Mirza but at some point he needs to tell his lackeys to keep their mouth shut for the time being and allow this recent situation with increased playing time play itself out.

Hang tight Mirza, your day is coming so just keep playing well and draining threes and it will all work out.


UPDATE: Teletovic’s response to questions today






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