Kidd takes on D-Will at practice

Updated: February 17, 2014



Stefan Bondy of the NY Daily News is reporting that Nets head coach Jason Kidd decided to take matters into his own hands today and see if he could turn the pilot light back on for Deron Williams in some on court back and forth.

There would be nothing nicer to see than something actually spark the Nets franchise player who has openly spoken about his “lack of confidence” in recent weeks.

I cannot remember the last time I heard a star-franchise player make those kind of comments.

At this point the problem is much larger than D-Will’s chronic ankles so do whatever it takes Coach.


During another disappointing and injury-riddled season for Deron Williams, Kidd stepped on the court during five-on-five drills and went head-to-head with the point guard in a spirited exchange at a recent practice, a source told the Daily News.

In addition to going hard at Williams, Kidd put on a show in front of the media last week while going through 3-point contest racks and collecting 27 points.



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