Jason Kidd: Worst coach in the NBA? GET REAL PEOPLE

Updated: November 22, 2013


[box]In the midst of the early season struggles of the Brooklyn Nets it seems that media members and “unnamed scouts” think it is a perfect time to call Jason Kidd “the worst coach in the NBA” after a measly eight games as a head coach on the NBA level.

The entire premise of the crap that is being spread is laughable and none of it holds any kind of weight other than to try and sell papers and get hits on their websites.

I cannot believe that journalists and basketball people are so moronic that they would put their reputations on the line to comment on a head coach that has coached EIGHT GAMES  in his entire life and is doing it on the highest level you can do it.

Bleacher Report – Beck

“He doesn’t do anything,” said the scout, who has watched the Nets several times. “He doesn’t make calls. John Welch does all the offense. Lawrence does all the defense. … I don’t know what Kidd does. I don’t think you can grade him and say he’s bad. You can give him an incomplete.”


If the Nets came out of the blocks 7-3 and not 3-7 – If they had their entire complement of players that Billy King obtained in the offseason and not injured – If the starting lineup play more than 78 total minutes on the floor together – Would these same geniuses be making these idiotic comments?

I vented more on SNYNets today with a couple of my coworkers –

[quote_box]John Paolantonio, Contributor

I’m pretty astonished at how clueless this “unnamed scout” is. First, anyone who thought that Kidd would step off the hardwood and into the coaching box and be able to diagram out of bounds plays and critical set plays during games right away is kidding themselves.

This is, and will continue to be, a learning year for Kidd. That’s exactly what Billy King said from Day One when he hired Kidd, because he knows a future-Hall of Fame floor general that competed and won at the highest level will eventually figure it out.There will be growing pains as a coach, and if Kidd has the intelligence to accept the fact that he doesn’t know everything about something he has never done before and are open to learning from experienced people in his field,  he will succeed.

I have zero doubt that Kidd will learn to become a great coach over time. This “unnamed scout” has to give me a damn break and find someone else to hate on after a whopping eight games as an NBA head coach!

Jon Presser, Contributor

I think it’s fair to say that hiring Jason Kidd as head coach may have been the biggest risk the Nets took this offseason. It’s obvious watching Brooklyn play that they haven not played well, and Kidd has been accountable for that.

But at the risk of being cliche, it’s still way too early in my opinion to hit the panic button when it comes to Kidd’s aptitude as an NBA head coach. That said, he needs to do a lot better. I’m all for delegating responsibility to experienced assistants, but sometimes perception is going to be reality for scouts and fans alike.

Maybe it’s a matter of Kidd needing to be more hands-on during games, but Kidd needs to find his comfort zone as a head coach soon. Otherwise, the questions about his qualifications will only grow louder.

Jim Mancari, Contributor

This is just the case of a head coach being attacked for his team not playing well. It was established early in the preseason that Frank would run the defense, Welch would run the offense and Kidd would oversee everything. With the team not playing well, Kidd has come under scrutiny for doing nothing.

He of course is taking the blame, but since the team is not playing particularly well offensively or defensively, shouldn’t Frank and Welch — the coaches that are game planning for those units — also be taking some of the heat?

It’s the head coach’s job to surround himself with assistants that buy into his philosophy. Kidd is lucky to have experienced coaches like Frank and Welch around, since coaching is still new to him. The funny thing is that if the Nets got off to a hot start, there would still be non-believers in Kidd who would say that Frank and Welch are the reason for the success and not the overseer in Kidd. So it’s basically a lose-lose situation for Kidd. How does he combat that? It’s simple, win.[/quote_box]


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