Jason Kidd returns tonight…….

Updated: November 19, 2014

Tonight is the night that the Brooklyn/New Jersey Nets ex-franchise player/coach Jason Kidd returns to the scene of his latest crime.

Barclays Center will be mixed for sure when Kidd is announced and there will be boos as well as cheers for sure.

Where do you stand on Kidd in this scenario?

Irina Pavlova added her two cents yesterday and told Nets fans how she felt and some fans like and many disliked her take.

I still have not forgiven Kidd for his “failed power play” and how he tried to undermine Billy King and take over full control of the Nets.

I also wont forget how he made me feel in the early 2000’s when he brought me to a level of excitement I had never felt before or since for my Nets.

I will not be there tonight so I cant boo or cheer but if I were there I would clap when he was announced and wish the Nets blow out his Bucks team by 50.

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