Jason Kidd and the Nets "Reassign" Lawrence Frank

Updated: December 3, 2013


[box] Today at the pregame media session head coach Jason Kidd dropped a bombshell.

Kidd told the media that his right-hand man and defensive coordinator Lawrence Frank has been reassigned and will not be on the bench for games or at practice.  There will be no replacement coach on the bench.

BAM! Philosophical differences

Frank is the highest paid assistant coach in the league and very well regarded around the NBA so now he will file daily reports away from the Nets at $1 million per year for the next six years per his contract.Lawrence Frank coaching on sideline

There were rumblings in the NY media last week about friction between the two prior and Frank did not look too enthralled to be part of “CupGate” as he sat there in amazement and looked almost embarrassed.

The writing may have been on the wall that Kidd and Frank had some kind of falling out but to let him go or be “reassigned” away from the team tells a totally different story.

News has come down that in early November Kidd blasted Frank in a coaches meeting about his defense in Orlando and the two were never the same after that incident.

They tried to work it out but in the end it was best for Frank to leave the bench and allow Kidd to learn on the fly.

The easiest thing to do was obviously to remove Frank from the situation and put him behind a desk like a cop being disciplined.


This timing does come as a shock to me in the way that I thought Kidd would utilize Frank for the first year and then want to do it his way from then on and part ways.

It looks from the outside looking in that for Kidd to get the attention of the “Boston guys” in Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett that he would need to get Frank’s voice out of the huddles and scrap the defensive schemes that Frank was teaching.

After all the Nets are last in the NBA in defense and it is easy to figure that out when they get blown out daily.

It was obviously worse then anyone knows.

The beat goes on for the 2013/14 Brooklyn Nets

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