Hey Paul Pierce – "Your Better Than That"

Updated: November 26, 2013



Things just keep getting better and better for the Brooklyn Nets……..

More news has come out now that makes it seem like Paul Pierce is taking a shot at head coach Jason Kidd with recent comments.

“We’ve got to understand [that] teams aren’t going to play the same way they did in the first half as they did in the second half, because teams make adjustments, especially when they are down. And we’ve got to realize that and adjust to that [too].”

Listen, I understand what Pierce is trying to say but he could have said it differently so that it wouldn’t be taken in a way where he is calling out his coach forPaul Pierce shooting a jumpshot “not coaching” well.

I would think twice if I was shooting a career-low 37.9% from the field before I opened my mouth about anyone.

The entire team from the general manager to the coach to the players to the trainers should be looking directly into the mirror and not putting blame anywhere else other than themselves.

This debacle is not just one guy or one coach but the entire organization taking a big dump right on the fans of the Nets.

This mess needs to be cleaned up starting tonight in Toronto and the only fingers that should be pointing anywhere should be with the THUMB directly at themselves.


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