NBA Historical Type of Embarrassment on Atlantic Ave.

Updated: January 31, 2014



Friday night was supposed to be a great night in Brooklyn with the league’s hottest team in the Oklahoma City Thunder coming to town two days before the NY/NJ Superbowl was to be played to take on January’s best team in the Brooklyn Nets but it turned out to be a massacre on Atlantic and Flatbush Ave.

The Nets were coming off a last second loss to the visiting Toronto Raptors on Monday night when their “franchise player” Deron Williams handed a victory to the other team with two inexcusable turnovers in the last minute that led to a 104-103 loss in the most excruciating fashion.

The Nets had four days to think about the loss and get things corrected and be ready to take on the Thunder on national television Friday night.

No big deal right?  WRONG.

Nets in clueless huddle during game

Brooklyn proceeded to embarrass themselves and their fans last night with the most pathetic loss in two their two seasons in Brooklyn with a 120-95 devastation by the Thunder on their home floor.

The score doesn’t quite tell how bad the Nets were all night and to make matters worse they even decided to set an NBA record for futility on the defensive end in the process.

The Nets were so abysmal that they allowed the Thunder to shoot 63.6 percent from the field and play with such a lack of passion and energy that they finished the game with a record-setting 17 rebounds on the night while the Thunder finished with a dominating 41 rebounds.  That’s a 30 rebound difference in an NBA game. UGH

The Nets had just a stunning and pathetic five rebounds in the second half alone and gave up 10 offensive rebounds for the game.  It was downright awful.

Let that sink in for a moment……..

November 28, 2001 was the last time a team grabbed less rebounds and was more pathetic in a game when the Detroit Pistons grabbed a measly 18 rebounds against the Charlotte Hornets.


To make matters worse was the fact that I had my son ask me to go to the game the day before and I acquiesced to him and bought a couple of tickets and we made the trip from Jersey to Brooklyn.  We have not been to a game since the Jason Kidd retirement night in preseason and that was done on principle with the way the team started the season.

Don’t get me wrong, there hasn’t been a minute of this season that we both haven’t sat through but I told him that we would not spend a dime to see this team play in person until they got their heads out of their asses and started playing with some passion and pride.

We both thought that this star-laden team finally figured it out this past month with their great play but after the piss-poor display we had to sit through last night that may not be the case.

The “franchise player”, Deron Williams, is not even playing like a guy who could start on the Milwaukee Bucks right now let alone start on the Nets or any contender.  The way the Nets won 10 games in January was sharing the ball and playing great defense.  Neither of those things have occurred since the second half of the Dallas game and if they don’t find that rhythm again today they will be blown out by even more when they face the Pacers later tonight.

I am embarrassed and frustrated right now with this team but hey, they made NBA history last night right?


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