DONE DEAL: Nets ship Jason Kidd to Milwaukee for two 2nd round draft picks

Updated: June 30, 2014

I still don’t quite understand this entire scenario where Jason Kidd feels it is better to go and coach and maybe take over basketball operations for a team that has wallowed in mediocrity for over a decade, may not be in that town much longer and has no future in the Milwaukee Bucks rather than have his name synonymous with the team that’s fan-base idolizes him in the Brooklyn Nets……. Duh.

What are you thinking Jason Kidd?  Is this bizzarro world?

Whatever he is thinking doesn’t matter anymore because obviously the Nets organization is done with him once and for all and is openly willing to ship him out to Milwaukee but not before they get the right compensation in the  form of draft picks.

The Nets right now are holding out for a 1st round draft pick knowing that Kidd will likely become more than the new coach, as reported by various sources, and will eventually take over basketball operations as well.

The Nets wants similar compensation to what Doc Rivers got leaving Boston knowing he was getting full control.  The Bucks are one clueless organization if they thought that the Russians were  going to let Kidd go for a single 2nd round pick and word has just come down that the deal is now done.

Rather than holding up their plans this offseason and in an attempt to move on from this latest debacle with Kidd Nets management has decided that two 2nd round draft picks (2015-2019)  is enough compensation to let their franchises most well known player leave town.

I feel horrible for Larry Drew and the Bucks GM John Hammond for the way this second rate organization has gone about this swindling deal for a virtually unknown coach and possible head of basketball operations.  There is a code of conduct among coaches in the NBA and once again Kidd feels that he is above all codes.

Nets fans know all too well about Kidd’s past transgressions and were willing to put them all behind them to allow their legend to come back home and make good. He did nothing but make his legacy more tarnished and possibly forever tainted in New Jersey and Brooklyn.  

Good job Jason and GOODBYE once and for all!


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