Brooklyn Nets Paul Pierce: The Epitome of a Leader

Updated: March 31, 2014



The Brooklyn Nets almost blew a winnable game against the visiting Minnesota Timberwolves last night with sloppy play in spurts but they turned up the defense late and won 114-99 for their 13th straight home win.

The post game show came on right after and I could do nothing but smile from ear to ear after listening to Paul Pierce’s comments when asked the question below:

Question: Being 10-21 and now making the playoffs what goes it show about this team?


“It just shows you the character of this group. I think a lot of teams with bad character and bad leadership in the lockeroom would have laid down a long time ago.  Probably around Christmas making summer plans but not this group” said Pierce.

“You have a mentally strong group in this lockeroom full of veterans who were always staying positive, being patient with one another” he continued.  “We never had a lockeroom rift, there was never any whispering going on or one guy blaming the next guy.  That’s the things you see in losing locker rooms on young teams when things go bad. You never saw that here.”

“The one thing is we stayed positive, we believed in Jason Kidd and we saw things turn around. We made a resolution on the 1st that we are somehow going to find a way to turn it around and since them we have been a growing ball club and we continuing to grow. “[/quote_simple]

STAT: During this Nets franchise record-tying 13-game home winning streak Pierce is shooting 60.2 percent from the field and 57.7 percent from 3-point range.


As a longtime NBA fan I never really liked Pierce in the past, respected him, and now I have come to know why I didn’t like him very much……………I was jealous.

Pierce is a “leader” in every sense of the word and only a few teams and fans get to appreciate that in the NBA each generation.

The Nets are now one of those teams, although it may be only for a few years, every Nets fan should enjoy his leadership while he is here because it is becoming extinct.

I don’t need to hear another word from this point on from “The Truth” as my respect level for him cannot get any higher than it is right now.


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