Brooklyn Nets Mr. Whammy: Did it work in Game 3?

Updated: April 26, 2014

According to Bruce Reznick, no one in the history of the NBA has blocked more foul shots than “Mr. Whammy” .

Mr. Whammy is a Brooklyn native and Nets season-ticket holder who thinks he is the key to the team’s playoff run this season each time an opposing player steps to the free throw line to attempt a foul shot, they are subjected to his alter-ego – “The Whammy.”

In Game 3 with the game on the line and the Nets hanging on to 98-96 lead, Mr. Whammy went into full effect and miraculously Patrick Patterson missed both free throws and the Nets won the game 102-98.

Mr. Whammy has also made the ESPN #FanHallOfFame as a finalist.

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