Brooklyn Nets Host Two Familiar Faces In Jefferson And Favors

Updated: November 5, 2013


The Brooklyn Nets will host the struggling Utah Jazz tonight in Brooklyn and they will be welcoming a couple guys they know a little bit.

Richard Jefferson played seven seasons with the Nets and garnered tremendous success with Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin including two trips to the NBA Finals so his time are a bit more memorable.

Derrick Favors, on the other hand, was never really embraced by the Nets and looked to be drafted with the hopes of trading him for something better and that indeed occurred after only 56 games in his rookie season.

The Deseret News got some comments from both players about their trip to Brooklyn and both had completely different takes on the visit.

[box] RJ:

“There’s nobody on the Nets’ team I have any relationship with, except the coach,’’ he said. “There’ll be some familiar faces, but for the most part, other than Jason Kidd, there’s no connection to the organization, other than a few people in the front office or some fans that have continued to support the team.’’The Avengers pic Nets

Jefferson pointed out that the Nets are in their third arena since he left, but he hopes some banners from his time there will be on display.

“The one positive for me will be to see Jason Kidd’s number hanging in the rafters,’’ he said. “That’s something he earned and I feel like the group we were with really accomplished a lot and it will be nice to see that recognized. There were no banners in the history of New Jersey Nets basketball until we got there, so hopefully they’re hanging up.’’


Favors says it’s just another game to play the Nets now, unlike the previous two years.

Derrick Favors Nets“It might have meant something my rookie or second year, but I’m over it now,’’ he said.

On the other hand, he said he still has a trace of bitterness about the Nets giving up on him so quickly.

“It still does — I got traded halfway through my rookie year, but I’m over having hard feelings about it,’’ he said. “When I got here, it felt like a family thing. They all welcomed me with open arms, and I was happy to be here.’’[/box]


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