Brian Shaw interviewed for the Nets job today amid Jason Kidd talk

Updated: June 12, 2013

REPORT: Speculation is growing that Jason Kidd is getting a three-year deal to coach the Brooklyn Nets

In the interim, the Nets went about business as usual and interviewed Brian Shaw today only a few days after he interviewed for the LA Clippers job.  The meeting took place at 11am today as per reports.

Shaw is said to be the leader for the Clippers job after a good interview although the Clippers are continuing the process.  The Pacers assistant head coach was said to the leader to get the Brooklyn job up until two days ago when Kidd jumped into the fray.

The situation seems to be moving more and more toward Kidd but the Nets wisely did their due diligence today in speaking with Shaw and hearing his thoughts on the team.  It couldn’t hurt to listen to what he had to say and have some other options and ideas.

No one even knows if Shaw would take the job over the Clippers job so we will all continue to speculate until maybe tomorrow….


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