Is there real interest in Deron Williams by the Lakers?

Updated: May 21, 2014

Brooklyn Nets fans are hearing a rumor this week about their “franchise” point guard not being happy in Brooklyn and on top of that he is being discussed as an option with the Los Angeles Lakers. Huh?

If memory serves me correctly the Lakers were interested in the free agent version of Deron Williams a couple of years ago so their continued interest is not a shock.

The shock is that they are “as interested” as they are in the oft-injured and moody point guard after another sub par season in Brooklyn as they are being perceived.

According to Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News, the Lakers are discussing all offers for their top draft pick looking for an All-Star caliber player in return:

“Mitch Kupchak says he is willing to trade current pick #7 for good offer. Also wants to trade for another pick for middle/late 1st round.”

“There is an alternative, sources told the Sports Illustrated. “The Nets will not rule out: They could look to trade Williams this summer, retool around Johnson and Lopez, squeeze one more run out of Pierce and Garnett and hope for the best.”

This entire situation is intriguing from both teams perspectives to say the least and the timing could be just right for Nets fans.

The one-time highly regarded top-ten point guard has been a shell of himself the past two seasons in Brooklyn with a myriad of injuries and attitude/confidence issues.  The pressure of being the “franchise” player does not seem to sit well with Williams and the daily pressure has worn on him.

If he can’t succeed with the supporting cast that the Nets put around him this season than what does he really need to succeed?

Maybe a trade would allow Williams to revive his career with a championship contender team and the Lakers situation may be his best shot as there wont be a ton of teams breaking down Billy King’s door to get a less than passionate, out of shape confidence riddled point guard to play with Kobe Bryant.

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