Amazingly enough Nets Jason Kidd in talks with Bucks about running basketball operations

Updated: June 29, 2014

I am at a complete loss for words right now about the NY Post report that Jason Kidd, yes Jason Kidd, might be going to the Milwaukee Bucks to run their basketball operations and leaving the Brooklyn Nets after one year on the bench.  I don’t know how this transpired so quickly or what the Nets legend was thinking but I am utterly disgusted by it.

After a great day in the golf course I came home to Twitter exploding with “sources” everywhere telling me Kidd made a power play move on GM Billy King ,  wanting to oversee the basketball operations in addition to his coaching duties, on Thursday night and it may now blow up in his face and cost him his first coaching job after only one year.

Rumors are swirling now that Kidd and King clashed quite a bit last season over personnel moves and Kidd decided to go to Russian management to jump over King and the Russians would not have any of it.  So much so that they have now given him permission to seek employment elsewhere and it will likely be the Bucks to run their operations and not coach. 

It has now been reported that Kidd wanted Jarrett Jack last season and not Marcus Thornton but was overruled by King.  The relationship is being painted as “strained for awhile” and might just be unrepairable which is astonishing to myself and millions of Nets fans reading the same news I am. 

This can’t be happening two days before free agency on July 1st – can it?

I was one of the people who were mesmerized by what Kidd did for the organization in the early 2000’s bringing the organization to their greatest heights and put aside all of his previous transgressions to give him another chance to “Come Home” and make things right with the organization.  The team retired his number and Nets fans everywhere welcomed him home with open arms only to have him pull the same shady crap he pulled on the Nets previously.  Sad – utterly sad.

The reports say that this situation is so far gone now after his failed attempt to usurp King in player decisions that the “Russians are done with him.”

Could this actually be happening to the team that gave him a clean slate after getting Byron Scott fired, deserting his team in 2007 with a migraine, getting a DUI last summer, banishing Lawrence Frank to making daily reports, Soda Gate and now a failed power play on the Nets GM?  Dammit it looks like it is.

Stay tuned for more information because as we speak it looks like he is a goner once again and the Nets and Bucks are talking about compensation that will allow Kidd to leave the Nets in a huge lurch once again.

Shameful Jason Kidd absolutely shameful.

After what this organization did for you twice now you have the audacity to pull this crap on us again.  You were once an idol to me and now you are dead to me so go to Milwaukee and wallow away for the rest of your time in mediocrity and we will continue to put together a championship team in Brooklyn!

Good riddance to you Jason Kidd once and for all and welcome to the NBA offseason.



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